DE&I Improves Organizational Performance

The Strategic Consulting Partners (SCP) team has developed a comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) service offering that can be used by organizations across all sectors of the economy. Government agency DE&I support provided by SCP most often includes assessing the current state of DE&I within the agency or department, ensuring adherence to employment laws and standards, developing strategic DE&I plans, and fostering understanding and acceptance of DE&I to improve communication within and between diverse teams.

Leaders in organizational development, IDEA assessments and training, and human capital management for over 30 years, Monica Gould, SCP founder and CEO, introduces a new series explaining IDEA and its positive impact on government entities, associations, and businesses.

Enlighten Leaders, Staff and Boards

Similarly, the private-sector and nonprofit DE&I support we provide includes assessing current levels of diversity and inclusion inside the organization to understand attitudes held by leadership, staff and boards. Additionally, we often facilitate leadership training and coaching sessions and retreats to enlighten participants about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion as it relates to organizational governance, structure and operations.

Diversity Is Not About Only Race and Gender

Regardless of the sector in which you operate, establishing DE&I best practices through workforce planning, leadership development, and hands-on training will help your organization look beyond the visible differences of race, gender and age to arrive at a definition of diversity that encompasses much more. Consider the Diversity Wheel below, which depicts the many characteristics of diversity – from the cultural differences of an increasingly global workforce to variations in everything from sexual preference to work style. Valuing all types of diversity helps establish a truly inclusive organizational culture where everyone can maximize their contributions and optimize individual and organizational performance.

Lack of DE&I Limits Your Possibilities

SCP consultants have learned through their education, training and hands-on experience that diversity helps organizations maximize creativity, innovation, and competitive talent pools. We understand the impact that DE&I (or lack thereof) can have on performance, and we also understand that unconscious bias and micro-inequities can play a significant role in whether a team accomplishes goals and objectives.

Unlock the Benefits of a DE&I Environment

Through more than a decade of assisting organizations with DE&I and enlightening clients on the effects of unconscious bias and micro-inequities in their workplaces, we have found that unlocking the benefits of diverse teams requires assessment, motivation, planning and management With this basic truth as our foundation, our DE&I philosophy is expressed in the following four points:

  • DE&I must be explicitly linked to and aligned with the strategic mission of the organization through assessment, strategic DE&I planning, and performance metrics.
  • DE&I must be considered a personal and professional skill set for all employees and leaders, and the relevant practices must be easy to understand and be implemented at all levels.
  • An organization’s success is directly proportional to the levels of equity and inclusion mandated and practiced within the organization. Equity and inclusion drive higher performance; it is not only about the presence of diversity.
  • Organizations must understand the impact their policies, procedures, and practices have on diversity, equity and inclusion. Analysis is essential for accountability.


Engage and Include All Employees

By understanding and adopting best practices related to DE&I, your organization will be well on its way to building an inclusive workplace that draws on the strengths of all of its employees. Let us help you through:

  • Individual and organizational DE&I assessments
  • Strategic DE&I plans and relevant metrics
  • DE&I recruitment, retention and best practices
  • Leadership and staff sensitivity workshops
  • Cross-cultural communications programs
  • Inter-generational diversity training
  • Diverse and inclusive workplace mentoring and coaching
  • Equal opportunity employee recruitment policies and strategies
  • Team sessions

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