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Change Management

Diversity & Inclusion


Change Management

Diversity & Inclusion

Shaping an Organization

Our organizational development specialists can review your organization’s key performance indicators and total capacity, and then help you plan the most effective path to increasing your organization’s performance.

Our review will involve your employees, assess current capabilities, analyze pay scales and existing job description, offer performance programs and compensation plans, recommend staff and leadership development where necessary, and include a review of your current policies and handbooks.

SCP can identify your teams’ strengths and weaknesses by identifying ways to improve upon the dynamics, diversity and problem solving and communication skills. We will then build custom approaches that will shape your teams into finely tuned performance groups that achieve your organizational goals.

We will work directly with your key HR professionals to ensure that your organizational structure is aligned with your current strategic plan, if you have one, or with any plans you have for the future of your organization.

Once this landscape is fully identified, we will recommend ways SCP can help you plan and implement capacity building and performance improvement within your organization. Our organizational development specialists are experts at the methods and best practices that will guide your organizational development.

  • Human resource strategy
  • Talent management strategy
  • Change management
  • Diversity inclusion
  • Innovation transformation
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Manpower assessments
  • Resource alignment
  • Board development
  • Communication strategy
  • Capacity building
  • Team building
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Standards of Excellence ® Nonprofit Consulting
  • Public speaking

Change management is the processes, tools and techniques for managing the people side of change. Within every organization, it is important to prepare the organization and your employees to manage change.

SCP can provide change management services that will help with employee motivation and buy-in of new organizational initiatives, programs or technology solutions. To ensure the success of any major organizational or operational change, the leaders and their employees must be comfortable with the direction and management processes that are being implemented while shaping the future of your organization.

Our professional services assist organizations in noticeably affecting leadership and employee readiness and engagement for a variety of changes including: shifts in technology, acquisitions, workforce realignment, and process renewal. These changes are important to address, whether organizations are confronted with organizational changes affecting performance, or seeking to improve specific competitive metrics.

We customize our programs to achieve the following:

  • Prepare the executives and team leaders responsible for change initiatives.
    Anticipate and pinpoint challenges linked to change initiatives.
  • Develop strategic initiatives to ensure precise business results are favorable and sustainable.
  • Involve management and individual contributors, customer satisfaction teams and other support teams.
  • Manage implementation approaches required for organization change and ensure individuals are capable of reinforcing change initiatives. These strategies include comprehensive communication approaches to the various stakeholders.

Strategic Consulting Partners (SCP) has developed a comprehensive diversity and inclusion service offering that can be used across all sectors of business. Establishing best practices through workforce planning and hands-on training will help your organization look beyond the visible differences of race, gender and age to arrive at a definition of diversity that encompasses much more—from the cultural differences of an increasingly global workforce to variations in everything from sexual preference to work style.

By adopting best practices related to diversity and inclusion, your organization will be well on its way to building an inclusive workplace that draws on the strengths of all of its employees.

  • Leadership development training
  • Professional development training
  • Cross cultural communication training
  • Generational differences training
  • Gender inclusion training
  • Mentoring and coaching for diverse employees
  • Facilitated team building sessions
  • Equal opportunity employee recruitment policies and strategies
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Operational Effectiveness

SCP can enhance the effectiveness of every aspect of your organization’s operations.