Workforce development is a term used to describe employment initiatives offered by government agencies and community organizations. Cities and small communities across the United States embrace workforce development because it is an essential component in creating, sustaining and retaining a viable workforce. Employers embrace and benefit from workforce development initiatives because of their impressive results: increased employee satisfaction, greater productivity, and lower turnover.

Workforce Development Boosts Retention Rates

Workforce development is effective because it prepares workers and equips them with the skills necessary for a specific type of job. Research shows that skills development and opportunities for professional and personal growth are important aspects of employee retention, especially among millennial workers. SCP partners with large employers seeking to increase the skills of their existing workforce to ensure they are equipped to perform their respective roles.

Prepare Current and Future Workers for Success

Training is a learning process in which employees get an opportunity to develop skill, competency and knowledge as per the job requirement. Development is an educational process which is concerned with the overall growth of employees and the desire to improve their job performance.

SCP also works within the community to support workforce skills for prospective employees. Our workforce development experts can provide a variety of training and coaching programs in support of community workforce development efforts. We can customize a workforce development program to meet the specific needs of your current and future workforce and will provide dedicated personnel in support of these efforts.

Workforce Development Programs Improve Communities and Ensure Mission Success

SCP’s four basic workforce development programs and our coaching support are instrumental in improving employees’ lives, increasing their productivity and job satisfaction, boosting their rates of retention, and helping ensure the health and vitality of employers and communities. Consider how these programs can positively affect your organization:

  • Pre-Employment Basics Program: This career-readiness program consists of 24 hours of training and 4 hours of coaching to groups of 10 to 14 participants, in which they receive guidance on creating a portfolio (résumé, cover letter and references) and learn skills to prepare them for interviews with potential employers. Upon completion of this program, participants receive an SCP Pre-Employment Basics Achievement Certificate.
  • Pre-Employment Essentials Program: Through 40 hours of job-readiness assessments and training and 4 hours of coaching, participants gain an understanding of their strengths, learn how to collaborate with others, and become confident in presenting their “best selves” to potential employers. Upon completion, participants receive an SCP Essential Job Readiness Certificate.
  • Post-Employment Onboarding Program: SCP’s onboarding training program provides ongoing career development to new employees during their entire first year of employment to ensure they feel supported and engaged. New employees are assigned a suitable “mentor” from within your organization who meets with them every month to provide advice and coaching and lets them share ideas, concerns and challenges – all of which help ensure high rates of employee retention.
  • Leadership and Employee Retention Program. SCP’s catalog of courses and assessment tools on leadership, management, and emotional intelligence – as well as on diversity, equity and inclusion – form the basis of this program, but all leadership and employee retention programs are customized to meet every client’s specific needs. Leaders who are prepared to welcome and manage new employees ensure employee engagement and high rates of retention; this program focuses on how leaders can help individuals thrive and perform at their highest levels.

In addition to these four workforce development programs, SCP also provides Career Success Coaching that helps ensure long-term support for employees to enable them to thrive in today’s diverse workplaces.

Organizational success depends on a fully functional workforce.

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