The Strategic Consulting Partners (SCP) team is comprised of highly trained and certified professionals who are guided by SCP’s proven strategic planning processes, which enable them to provide clients with a concrete set of actions to achieve their goals and objectives.

Every member of the Strategic Consulting Partners team knows that organizational success begins with the right planning process, one that includes engaging with leadership teams as well as with internal and external key stakeholders – including staff, boards of directors, partners, funding sources and others – and diving deep to gather data, elicit opinions, understand pain points, assess operating environments, and set goals and objectives.

Our approach to the strategic planning process is comprised of five critical phases, as depicted below:

Data Drives Mission Success

Our Strategic Planning process leads your organization to concretely identify the vision and mission to which your leadership team aspires, as well as to the operational goals and objectives that make your vision and mission attainable. We work with you and your leadership team to adjust our process for optimum results for your organization’s unique structure in your unique setting.

Whether we are working with local, state or federal government agency strategic plans or providing strategic plans for nonprofits, we expertly and with great attention to detail gather meaningful and enlightening data sets by conducting the following:

  • Stakeholder surveys
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Town hall meetings
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Board and leadership team retreats

Once all data from these facilitated activities is gathered through the prism of a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) Analysis, we analyze the data and draw important conclusions. We document the data gathered, provide our analysis of the data, and present our findings through facilitated meetings. SCP then provides a detailed report to your leaders who are engaged in the strategic planning process. Read more about our trained and certified facilitators.

After the data and analysis are presented to your leadership team, we collaboratively formulate the strategic plan. Our team will take time to refine and publish the plan that your leaders have developed. Furthermore, we can then assist you with organizational implementation of the plan and with the change management support that can help assure implementation success. Read more here about our implementation assistance programs.

Already Have a Strategic Plan?

If you already have a strategic plan and are looking for expert review, we can:

  • Evaluate your current plan and recommend enhancements or additional areas worthy of further exploration
  • Gauge the all the elements of your current plan and assess the current implementation process
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation as to the progress of the organization’s projects, programs and strategic plan implementation

Let’s Talk

Contact us for more information about how SCP can help your organization achieve “best in class” status.

Achieve Peak Performance

Our expertise and our approach to strategic planning for government agencies, nonprofits and businesses alike has helped organizations of every type around the globe achieve peak results.

Our facilitated strategic conversations and meetings with teams, cross-functional groups, and divergent parties both (internal and external) have resulted in delivery of best-in-class programs and services, including:

  • Organizational assessments
  • Operations assessments
  • Capacity-building strategies
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Capital campaign feasibility analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Exit planning