Data-Driven Recommendations for Greater Operational Efficiency

Organizations need to update and implement new policies that align to current business operations, incorporate new strategic initiatives, and comply with laws and government policies.

To that end, SCP adeptly facilitates policy-review discussions with project sponsors, leadership teams, key personnel and other stakeholders to provide direction and clarity about the optimal governance structures for organizations.

After synthesizing data collected through strategic conversations, SCP can help to refine clear and measurable goals and objectives that drive change and move organizations toward incorporating more efficient standard operating procedures and improved organizational and governance structure.

Governance Structure

Our subject matter experts help create governance structures that delineate roles and responsibilities of board members and leadership, set decision-making processes to ensure fairness and uniformity, refine onboarding of new members and personnel, oversee special projects, or provide oversight of the organization at large. SCP’s governance and policy development services support:

  • By-law review and development
  • Committee structure
  • Committee roles and responsibilities
  • Board job descriptions and roles.
  • Board orientation
  • Board training
  • Accountability and measurement criteria aligned to strategic goals and initiatives

Policy Review

SCP’s consultants can review and provide feedback on an organization’s existing policies related to:

  • Operations
  • Fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Volunteer Management
  • Finance
  • Governance

Policy Development

SCP’s subject matter experts are adept at developing policies that align to your strategic direction and ensure regulatory compliance. As National Standards for Excellence Certified Consultants with both the Pennsylvania Association for Nonprofits and Maryland Nonprofits, SCP consultants have a library of vetted policies that we can use on behalf of our clients.

Check out the SCP team’s credentials and let us know if you would like guidance and support for your organization.