SCP’s client-centric approach and project management expertise ensures we meet and exceed our client’s expectations. SCP structures and manages every project using sound project management practices. While our many services are customized to our clients’ needs, we pull from our project management methodology to assure that each phase is efficient, comprehensive and effective.
In our approach to each service area, we will use a phased approach to customize the project plan based on the work being done. Our seasoned project managers work closely with our clients to ensure that the outcome of every project is of the highest quality.



Process for Our Service Programs

Our Process

Our Process


Prepare Plan

We kick off the project by further defining project requirements, defining the stakeholders and preparing a project work plan with dates, actions and outcomes.


Collect & Analyze

We perform a comprehensive review of data related to the project work. During this step, Strategic Consulting Partners (SCP) will conduct desktop analyses of relevant data and conduct interviews with identified stakeholders. We may also facilitate focus groups and electronic surveys to garner additional data elements. Thereafter, we will synthesize the data and provide a baseline analysis of findings.


Provide Recommendations

Depending on the project, outcomes for this step include recommendations of strategies and approaches the client should consider. These recommendations are often tied to strategic objectives of the project and provide a clear direction as to next steps.


Develop Materials

During this phase, we develop and formalize recommendations approved by the client. The materials developed could include designed curriculum, an operations plan, marketing materials and retreat documents.



At this phase, we will facilitate board or staff retreats, deliver training, implement part or parts of an operations plan or provide interim management.


Gather Input

Throughout the project, we communicate with our clients at each phase. Prior to finalizing recommendations and after we facilitate group discussions, we garner additional input from key stakeholders to ensure all parties’ viewpoints are considered.


Provide Final Report

At the conclusion of the project engagement, we provide a final project review and accomplishment report, a final comprehensive strategic plan document with objective outcomes, a high-level strategic plan presentation and a sustainability training plan, as appropriate.