We are anchored in strategy – data informs our recommendations. We take quantitative and qualitative date to formulate future and recommended courses of action, taking into account your current state and your organizational culture.

Data-Driven Insights Inform Every Recommendation

Every Operating Environment is Unique

  • Infrastructure analysis. What resources, tools, technology are in place? How do they compare to what is needed by the organization to achieve its current mission and future goals?
  • Human capital assessment. Do you have enough of the right people, doing the right things that align to your strategic goals and mission? Do your policies and procedures lend themselves to engaging and retaining your staff?
  • Product and service delivery. Do you have the products and services to meet your customers’ needs? What systems and processes are in place to provide these products and services? Are you addressing customer feedback? Are you innovating and staying competitive with the market needs?
  • Operations efficiency and process evaluation. What is the product and service output compared to what is needed? How efficient are you? How are you utilizing technology to drive efficiency? Are your processes and policies up to date based upon the current operational needs?
  • Financial and profitability assessments. What is the financial position of your organization? Do you have the resources to support operations?
  • Fundraising readiness assessments. What is your organization’s “current state” of fundraising initiatives. What do you need to do to enhance fundraising opportunities and ensure success?

Let SCP’s experts assess your organization and guide you to operational excellence!