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Training Programs

Virtual Training



Training Programs

Virtual Training

Why Choose SCP for Training

At SCP, we are confident that we can provide high quality, interactive and engaging training program experiences that exceed the key objectives, by customizing training topics being sought. SCP has provided training programs to numerous federal, state and local government entities, domestic and international nonprofit organizations and several large and small corporations.

Affiliation with Universities

All of our key personnel and master trainers are affiliated with one or more universities to include: Penn State University, Dickinson College, Georgetown University, George Mason University, Millersville University, American University, Duquesne University and Kaplan University. In addition, SCP provided leadership development, strategic planning and organizational development services for 37 top leaders of Tbilisi University in the Republic of Georgia for United States Agency for International Development. SCP partnered with Duquesne and Penn State Universities for this project.

As seasoned trainers and facilitators, SCP can provide:

  • Curriculum development
  • Personal development training
  • Professional development training
  • Sales training
  • Customer service training
  • Diversity inclusion
  • Blended learning
  • Public speaking

Our Training Philosophy

As master trainers and curriculum designers, we have seen in extensive research that adults retain information more readily when engaged and involved in the learning process. SCP can help implement employee and customer service training that engages staff in the implementation of changes. Additionally, we know that participants retain information, which is relevant and can be applied immediately to their work environment.

Therefore, all of our training programs are:

  • Customized to Fit Your Unique Needs. We work diligently with our clients before each program to define key learning objectives for each course and to learn about their industry. As part of this customization, each course shall have a defined course title, length of time (i.e., hours, days, semesters, etc.), description of material to be taught (i.e., syllabi, tables of contents, etc.) and whether materials are included in the price. (i.e., books, pamphlets, software, etc.).
  • Curriculum Design Using the ADDIE Model. As curriculum designers, our team is well-skilled in developing curriculum that meets clients’ needs with the 5-step approach to analyze, design, develop, implement and evaluate every training course we provide.
  • Modern Management Theory-Based. As current professors, we believe in using the most up-to-date management philosophies and theories in our trainings. We couple theory with practice to enhance the learning experience.
  • Case Studies and Experience-Based. Using our years of hands-on business experience, we provide relevant case studies and examples to help participants apply the theory to their work environment.
  • Hands-On. Participants actively join in the learning process through assessment tools and group exercises.
  • Interactive. Through group exercises and group discussions, the participants begin to apply the theory to practical everyday experiences within their workplace.
  • Team Building. We provide participants a unique opportunity to get to know fellow coworkers in different settings. Group exercises, assessment debriefs and group discussions allow participants to learn about each other and bond with each other.
  • Focused, Modular Concept. Our programs are “bite-size,” modular-learning experiences, which can be understood, practiced and incorporated into the day-to-day workplace. This design maximizes learning retention and business results.
  • Instructional Systems Design. This process provides for a systematic approach to determine the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of a learning program. It assures that we develop programs and support materials effectively, to match the variety of needs in a rapidly changing environment.


SCP currently owns over 125 off-the-shelf training programs that we use to develop customized leadership, supervisory and staff training programs. Our customizable and off-the-shelf training courses are designed to be taught by instructors either in person or in a virtual format. All of our courses are designed to engage the adult learner of varying experience and career levels (from new supervisors to senior leaders), through interactive group discussions, exercises, assessments and case studies. Below is a list of the topics we may use to develop the training courses:

Adapting Your Leadership Style
The Art of Effective Communication
The Art of Influencing Others
Assertiveness Skills
Balancing Priorities
Behavioral Interviews
Business Etiquette
Challenging Negative Attitudes
Coaching Conversations
Coaching for Development
Communication Mystery: Solved
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Thinking Skills
Cultural Competency
Customer Service Over the Phone
Defining Team Roles and Responsibilities
Delegating for Growth
Developing Positive Relationships at Work
Developing Your Direct Reports
Diversity Awareness
Effective Listening Skills
Effective Negotiation Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Employee Engagement
Ethics in the Workplace
Financial Intelligence
Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
The Golden Rule
How to Handle Change and Upheaval
How to Make Yourself Indispensable
How to Manage Your Emotions
Ideas into Action
Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
Leadership 101
Leading Others Through Change
Learning to Manage
Managing Offsite Employees
Managing Teams
Managing Up
Mental Models
Motivating Employees to be Their Best
The Multi-Generational Workplace
Navigating Difficult Conversations
Organizational Trust
Performance Management
Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance and Conduct Problems
Preventing Workplace Harassment
Productive Work Habits
Real-World Project Management
Resolving Conflict at Work
Selling Essentials: Understanding the Sales Cycle
Selling Essentials: Prospecting and Territory Management
Selling Essentials: Opening the Sales Call
Selling Essentials: What to Ask & How to Listen
Selling Essentials: Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, & Closing the Sale
Selling Essentials: Developing Clients for Life
Selling Essentials: Coaching for Performance
Skillful Collaboration
Social Media at Work
Solid Business Writing
Succession Planning
Super Manager
Supervisor Communication Skills
Systems Thinking
Taking Control of Conflict
Talk Like a Leader
Team Excellence
Time Management
The Toughest Supervisor Challenges
What Customers Really Want
Why We Struggle with Tough Decisions
Women and Leadership

SCP has extensive experience with several virtual training solutions. Some of these solutions include GoToMeeting, WebEx and Adobe Connect. We also have a strategic partner, Development InfoStructure Inc. (Devis), that specializes in eLearning solutions. Devis has expert knowledge of and access to virtual delivery software through both Adobe Connect and a learning management system they designed, called EZRO.

  • Manage the meeting logistics, while SCP’s trainers facilitate learning
  • Provide 508 compliance accessibility features
  • Provide sharing of presentation responsibilities
  • Create interactive polls, chat capability and question and answer functionality that is customized for each training program
  • Webinar support, development and facilitation
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Strategic Planning

SCP can help you with strategic planning to ensure organizational success.