SCP consultants are experts in human capital strategy and strategic workforce planning and shaping services. Using a phased approach, SCP can provide a wide range of services and projects to help to shape and build capacity for your current and future workforce. SCP’s team is highly qualified to provide quality and specialized competency gap analysis, data analysis, workforce planning, and human capital strategy based upon their experience within the government, corporate and nonprofit organizations at the highest levels of leadership. Our success in improving organizational effectiveness is second to none.

Human Capital is Your Greatest Asset

The Human Capital graphic below depicts how all of our services fit together, any of which can be provided as a separate service offering.

Why Invest in Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce planning is an organization’s proactive planning efforts that anticipate both current and future staffing needs to ensure the organization has the resources it needs to meet the mission and business goals. Our work begins with understanding the current state of the organization to include mission reach, organizational capacity (competency, proficiency, and manpower assessments compared to workload), organizational culture and policies

Strategic workforce planning can provide numerous benefits to your organization, including employee retention, talent identification, identifying skill gaps, and supporting your budget. Workforce planning can also help better prepare an organization for the future and to better forecast challenges they may come across.

“SCP’s work (doing strategic workforce planning) was of exceptional and unparalleled quality.  The contractor used a variety of organic subject matter experts to review and verify deliverable information and e-tool functionality for accuracy and completeness.  Final draft products delivered to the government for review contained rare to no errors in grammar, syntax, or fact. Any noted concerns were immediately addressed, and final products far exceeded the government’s expectations.  General correspondence and interactions during contract execution were of equally high quality.”

Anthony J. Militello, Dir. COR, U.S. Navy DASN EI&I Safety

Expect great things from your workforce.

Let SCP help you achieve them.