As strategy experts, Strategic Consulting Partners knows that a strategy is only as good as the leader who implements it. Fully developed leaders are those who can successfully lead teams and implement programs to reach organizational excellence. With SCP as your partner, your fully developed leaders will be ready for whatever challenges they may face in the future.

How SCP Grows Strong Leaders

Leadership development programs are built on the principle that a leader’s core strengths and competencies must first be assessed, and then areas in which he or she needs development to become more effective are identified. Once these two steps are completed, SCP can customize leadership development programs to meet your organization’s and your leaders’ specific needs.

The phrase “leadership development” means different things to different organizations. For example, federal government leadership development programs may be required to help train the next generation of leaders to replace retiring baby boomers, but in the case of nonprofit leadership development programs, it may mean that new executive directors are being developed so they can astutely interact with boards of directors, external stakeholders, staff, and donors with equal effectiveness.

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SCP Motivates and Inspires Current and Future Leaders

Developing leaders within any organization can be a stand-alone process, or it can be reinforced by other programs to develop skills through training, coaching and mentoring. SCP’s customized leadership development programs and the associated training programs are interactive and engaging; they inspire and motivate leaders to recognize and assess their current performance and leadership style.

Perhaps even more important, SCP’s leadership development programs help leaders understand how they can increase their effectiveness as future leaders, such as:

      • Improve their communication skills
      • Reduce conflict in or between teams
      • Cultivate engagement with all staff and stakeholders
      • Increase their ability to effectively lead teams through change

Elevate Leaders to Build Capacity

SCP’s experienced training consultants, coaches and facilitators have worked across all sectors – including at the federal, state and local government level as well as in nonprofit and corporate settings – assuring leadership excellence and organization-wide success. Leadership development that is coupled with coaching and mentoring, customized training and assessments elevate leaders and build leadership capacity.

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