The Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) is administered to all full-time and part-time permanent federal employees. FEVS analyzes employees’ engagement and measures their perceptions of whether, and to what extent, conditions exist within their agencies that are conducive to success.

Are Your Employees Challenged and Engaged?

In today’s multi-generation workforce, it is important to ensure that all employees find their jobs challenging and meaningful, and that they believe their talents are well-utilized. They also need an environment that provides the following:

  • The right resources to perform their jobs
  • Fair and equitable performance management systems
  • High levels of transparency, honesty and integrity in managers and leaders
  • Work/life balance programs to support their overall well-being

Engaged Employees = Successful Organizations

There is a strong correlation between employee engagement and effective, successful organizations, and the empirical data shows that organizations with a highly engaged workforce exhibit the following characteristics:

  • High levels of productivity
  • Committed employees and leadership
  • High rates of retention
  • Strong ability to attract talent
  • Low rates of turnover, absenteeism and on-the-job injuries

SCP Provides FEVS Insights and Analysis

All federal agencies strive to be highly effective with highly engaged employees, but this does not just happen by itself. This is where Strategic Consulting Partners can assist you:

  • We help you gain insight into “high impact takeaways” of your FEVs data.
  • We incorporate qualitative insights into your FEVS data.
  • We help build the business case for any organizational, process, or policy changes.
  • We implement an action plan to increase employee engagement, which helps ensure organizational effectiveness.

Prepare Employees for the Journey to Success

Strategic Consulting Partners links the FEVS data with mission objectives, strategic plans, and agency priorities. We do this by helping senior leaders visualize the data. We aggregate and/or dissect demographic data, we look at overall trends, and we analyze employees’ perceptions (such as their personal work experience; their work unit, agency, supervisors and leaders; their attitudes about whether they have the proper work/life balance, and their overall job satisfaction).

Working with senior leaders, SCP helps determine which areas are of the most concern or can have the most meaningful impact on employee engagement (e.g., high-focus areas are those that receive lower overall scores). SCP does a deep dive and provides qualitative insights that help launch agencies on successful journeys to create a highly engaged, committed and successful workforce.

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