As strategic planning experts, SCP has a robust toolbox of resources and best practices that can be utilized to track strategic plan implementation efforts and measure operational effectiveness over time. We refine and customize existing tools to support you in implementing any current strategic plans you may have in place, to measure the effectiveness of those plans and related implementation activities. And if necessary, we develop new tools to overcome any unforeseen implementation challenges that may arise as a result of changing legal, advocacy, policy or fiscal conditions.

We’ll Guide You to Success

We also provide implementation assistance as a part of new SCP-designed strategic plans that we may develop on your behalf. Regardless of whether you need help measuring and implementing existing strategic plans or you need implementation guidance as part of SCP-developed plans, our operational expertise supports your team during every step of your strategic plan implementation journey.

The evaluations and check-ins that SCP conducts throughout program implementation are designed to capture relevant information, including but not limited to the following:

  • Were the goals of the program met?
  • Were the goals of each stakeholder met?
  • How many times did your team encounter implementation roadblocks, and what were they?
  • What are some ways in which the program could be further improved?

SCP Ensures Successful Implementation of Plans

SCP’s customized strategic plans ensure that the goals we develop are feasible and attainable for your organization and for all internal and external stakeholders involved. We know that each organization is unique and should be evaluated accordingly; regardless of the size of your organization and the sector in which you operate, we follow three core tenets during our implementation programs:

1. Team involvement

is the key to successful plan implementation. We believe that your leadership, key staff, board members and other internal and external stakeholders should be involved in not only developing your strategic plan, but also in implementing and evaluating it.

2. Realistic tactical strategies

are critically important elements in successful strategy implementation. Breaking down larger goals into more manageable steps will help your team members see their part in the “Big Picture.”

3. Integrating performance management with near-term plans and long-range goals

will ensure that your leaders, staff and key stakeholders will be motivated and accountable for helping achieve those goals.

What’s your plan for the future?

Share your challenges with us and we’ll share our ideas for overcoming them.