In addition to well-designed training programs and individualized assessments, effective leadership development includes leadership and team coaching. As a stand-alone service offering or as a post-training program, SCP provides executive leadership and team coaching services through our highly esteemed team of coaches and leadership development consultants. We also guide clients in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of internal mentoring programs to ensure that those who provide mentoring are well-prepared and those who receive mentoring are well-informed about how best to reap its benefits.

About Our Coaching Team

As a leader in training and organizational development, SCP has established critical relationships with top leadership coaches located across the United States and the world. The SCP team consists of over 60 highly qualified coaches who are certified through the International Coach Federation. Our coaches have completed a minimum of the Associate Coach Level (ACC) and many have achieved the Professional (PCC) and Masters (MCC) levels of certification through the organization.

We have assembled a winning team of industry leaders who:

  • Maintain professional coaching certifications and experience in industry, government and nonprofit sectors
  • Represent a diverse cross-section of experience, education, race and gender
  • Provide a wide range of professional expertise to ensure that the right coach is paired with individuals or teams based upon skillset, personality, and overall compatibility

Our Coaching Process

As a part of every coaching engagement, SCP follows the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) 5-step coaching approach for individuals and teams, as depicted below:

Mentoring Program Design and Development

SCP helps design internal mentoring programs for clients to ensure that there is ongoing communication and collaboration between leaders who commit to mentoring others and team members who receive mentoring. The importance of mentor-mentee relationships cannot be overlooked; SCP supports the matching of your supervisors, leaders, managers, and senior-level team members with recently onboarded or junior-level employees who need guidance to perform at their highest levels.

Mentorship Program Monitoring and Evaluation

In addition to designing mentoring programs and helping match mentor and mentee, SCP also trains mentors to ensure that the time and effort they devote to mentorship produces the desired results. Our skilled training and development consultants ensure that mentors are committed to the employee’s growth, development, and retention. We also work with mentors to ensure they have the various “soft skills” required to guide mentees through a number of hands-on sessions, through clear and concise communication, counseling and feedback.

Additionally, because mentoring programs typically last a period of several months – sometimes even a year or more – SCP often assists clients in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the programs.

The process of establishing a mentor relationship should be based upon a sense of partnership and commitment.

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