Strategic Consulting Partners (SCP) is a full-scope management consulting firm that recently celebrated its 25th year in business. Expertly delivering strategic planning, organizational development, organizational effectiveness, leadership development and training services, we help organizations of all sizes move forward and upward, by creating human resource shifts that embrace change and result in improved team efficiencies and greater operational effectiveness.

Strategic Consulting Partners was founded on the principle that delivering insightful consulting services and forging deep partnerships with clients would lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Founder and CEO Monica Gould remains focused that principle, and she attributes SCP’s success to the commitment that she and the SCP team make on a daily basis to ensure that all clients achieve optimal performance.

Another guiding principle that drives the SCP team to success is that organizations in all sectors of our economy sometimes need outside assistance to clearly see what leadership inside the organization sometimes cannot. Regardless of whether the SCP team is engaged by federal, state or local government agency leaders or by nonprofit or corporate executives, the services delivered by the SCP team provide strategic direction and a clear path to achieving organizational goals and objectives.

The SCP team deploys best-in-class planning, consulting and implementation services, and we customize every project to meet client-specific conditions. While federal government planning, training and development programs may follow some of the same protocols as nonprofit programs, there are significant differences in mission, vision and values – as well as in short- and long-term goals and objectives – that exist between organizations. It is because of these differences that the SCP team has developed deep and broad expertise in customizing our industry-leading, proven formulas to reflect every client’s unique circumstances as we guide them on their path to success.

From nonprofit board rooms to U.S. armed forces

We are proud of the services we deliver on behalf of and in close collaboration with our public- and private-sector clients including numerous federal, state and local government agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations, corporations and commercial enterprises.

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