Expert Guidance to Move Organizations Forward and Upward

SCP supports our clients’ internal operations and ensures there is proper alignment as they work toward achieving their goals and objectives. Our team of experts provides traditional management consulting services on operational needs as well as customized advisory services to suit every organization’s unique needs. SCP’s team of SMEs can support short-term or long-term consulting projects in the following areas:

  • Human capital consulting, including but not limited to HR strategies, succession planning, workforce development, talent management, employee engagement, career development and FEVS data analysis.
  • Customer satisfaction, which includes strategies to enhance the customer experience through process improvements, technology utilization, policy enhancement, and employee training
  • Program and service development, including supporting innovative projects to increase and improve current program and service effectiveness and profitability (if applicable)
  • Fundraising coaching
  • Policy development, including but not limited to organizational policies written by SCP SMEs in a variety of areas, including but not limited to the following areas:
    • Financial management and administration
    • Human resources management
    • Volunteer management
    • Fundraising management
    • Operating procedures and policies
  • Governance. SCP’s team of experts are adept at developing a governance structure for projects or for organizations,
  • Change management and organizational transformation. SCP transformation experts can support not only the strategy and communication related to organizational transformation but the implementation of the developed support of Agency leadership.
  • Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and Kanban, including supply chain and logistics strategies and resource management. SCP’s team of Lean Six Sigma green and black belts and Kanban practitioners are adept at identifying critical areas for process improvement and developing practical strategies for implementation.

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