Small Business Leadership Training

Apr 17, 2017  | Success Stories

“We chose Strategic Consulting Partners to deliver leadership training to our management team at a time of growth.”

“We had promoted a handful of stellar employees who were new to supervising, and needed to equip them on working with direct-reports.

Strategic Consulting Partners were easy to work with, and adapted when we felt our team needed more or less training in a particular area. This is a company who truly partners with you versus relaying material found in management books. We received a comprehensive leadership development program that covered leadership styles, goal creation and accountability, rewarding and recognizing star performers, conflict resolution, interviewing skills for hiring, problem solving and decision making, and leading through change. All our managers gained knowledge and useful tools, and our junior leaders thrived in their new role.”

Jodi Christman, Former Vice President at JPL

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Jasmine Gould

Chief Development Officer

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