SCP Awarded U.S. NRC Contract

Nov 12, 2019  | News

SCP Was Recently Selected to Support the Transformation Process at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Because of our many years of experience conducting organizational and leadership development programs and providing ongoing coaching and training, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has engaged us to support a five-year coaching and organizational development program to increase the cohesion and effectiveness of its workforce. In addition to Executive Coaching, SCP will provide Organizational Development services in support of leader and team development. SCP’s work will include developing tools to assess individual and team performance and designing effective communication and change strategies, to ensure that the NRC has a deep bench of highly competent leaders and team members who are ready to embrace the current and future needs of the NRC.

This engagement is particularly well-timed because the NRC is undergoing considerable organizational transformation efforts as a result of the changing nuclear power landscape. In SCP’s OD work on behalf of the NRC, we are supporting agency-wide change initiatives and team development to support these transformative strategies with ten ICF-certified SCP coaches and consultants supporting this project.

In a recent Transformation Vision “jam session” hosted by the NRC – which was a multi-day collaborative, virtual meetup in which NRC employees could participate and share their opinions – the Transformation Journey that the agency is beginning was presented, as depicted above.

NRC leaders described four focus areas that the agency will concentrate their efforts on in an effort to achieve their vision for transformation: Focusing on people, accepting risk, using technology, and innovating. To that end, the specific initial initiatives it will undertake are categorized into seven main areas:

1) Career Enhancement

2) Innovation

3) Process Simplification

4) Signposts and Markers

5) Technology Adoption

6) Accepting Risk

7) Agency Desired Culture

We are excited about supporting NRC’s transformation efforts and look forward to guiding teams as they drive innovation and invest in new technologies and helping ensure that cultural change throughout the agency will be well-accepted and long-lasting.


President and Founder

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