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Aug 6, 2020  | News

A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace produces many positive outcomes: increased employee engagement, lower rates of turnover, better financial performance, and more-efficient problem solving because of the “diversity of thought” within teams. It is these outcomes – among others – that have fueled demand for diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) training in government agencies, corporations, nonprofits, and other organizations.

DE&I training and programs that help identify and remedy conscious and unconscious bias have been in existence for more than 40 years, but it’s clear that there’s still work to be done. Especially in light of recent events (e.g., the Black Lives Matter movement, the Supreme Court ruling against LGBTQ discrimination, and the growing generational divide), there’s an increasing need for programs that help teams understand that achieving a DE&I culture is not only the right path to follow from a moral standpoint, it’s also the path to better financial performance.

Strategic Consulting Partners, in partnership with GIT Coaching, offers dynamic virtual DE&I workshops to inform, inspire and motivate employees to collaborate with others to produce their best work. Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture ensures that you and your organization are helping address and solve the problems associated with biased, discriminatory and exclusive workplaces.

Curious about how your organization compares to others in creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture? Contact us for a free one-hour consultation.

As experts in DE&I training, we’ve discovered that to unlock the benefits of diverse, equitable and inclusive teams, individuals and teams must recognize the importance of several basic concepts:

  • DE&I practices must be considered personal leadership skills.
  • DE&I programs must be easy to understand and implement at all levels.
  • An organization’s success is directly proportional to the inclusiveness of its culture.
  • Inclusion is not just the presence of diversity; it’s the engine that enables individuals and teams to do their best work.
  • Leadership and staff must recognize the impact that policies, procedures and practices have on diversity and inclusion.
  • DE&I programs must be continually monitored and analyzed to ensure accountability.
  • When employees are marginalized or excluded based on bias or misunderstanding, the opportunity for high performance is lost.
  • When employees are not allowed to perform to the best of their abilities, or given no clear career path, they are more likely to leave the organization – and the resources used to recruit, train and manage them are wasted.

In recently designed virtual workshops, SCP and GIT Coaching enlighten, inspire and motivate participants to analyze their current DE&I environment and guide them toward an ideal DE&I environment. The workshops stress the importance of thoroughly reviewing and analyzing current labor statistics, human resource policies, and organizational culture.

Post-analysis, the SCP and GIT Coaching team then provides three critical services:

  1. Formulation of a vision and strategic goals for DE&I
  2. Creation of implementation strategies to achieve the DE&I vision and goals
  3. Development of the support structure to ensure DE&I success, including but not limited to leadership and staff training, facilitation of culture discussions, and development of tools and resources to be used by leaders and recruiters

Don’t be a part of the problem that unbalanced and unfair workplaces create; be a part of the solution by achieving an ideal DE&I environment. Your teams will thrive and your financial performance will improve. Learn more about our DE&I Virtual Workshops.


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