Building a Pipeline of Resilient Leaders: A RealityChek Conversation

Mar 18, 2021  | News

The COVID-19 pandemic has put leadership to the test and exposed many new skills gaps, one of which is the ability to be resilient in the face of constant change and ambiguity. In this video, Dr. Annette Cremo talks about the results of a recent DDI survey which indicated that organizations’ bench strength has dropped to an all-time low of only 11%. This suggests that organizations are not preparing for the future. Listen as Dr. Cremo discusses why and how they should be building their bench of future leaders from within the organization – by identifying, fostering, and nurturing internal talent to fill the leadership pipeline.

Leaders who want to ensure future growth and success will learn in this RealityChek Conversation about the important elements that make Resilient Leadership Pipeline programs effective. Dr. Cremo will share tips for creating a well-thought-out development plan for high potentials to help prepare your organization for leadership consistency and sustainability.

Organizations that embrace and nurture future leaders are more prepared to face disruptions and societal challenges. Preparing leaders to navigate through disruptions also makes sense from a human perspective, because individuals who are in these Resilient Leadership Pipeline programs are more engaged as employees and more committed to building stronger and healthier organizations.

Joseph Moschetto

Director of Talent Development

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