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Nov 19, 2019  | News


The SCP Team Expands to Serve UPMC’s Workforce Development Needs 

SCP is honored to be working with UPMC to provide training and support for its Workforce Development programs and activities. In essence, the SCP team will serve as an extension of the UPMC’s project team and, to do so, we have hired a new team member in Pittsburgh, Sabrina Clay-Brown, to serve UPMC’s team members there. She will facilitate and coach participants in the Partnership on Workforce Readiness and Retention (POWRR) program. Her supportive leadership style will help UPMC participants see a new vision of their circumstances, guiding them to change their mindsets from “impossible” to “I’m possible.”

Once the project is up and running, SCP will establish three additional Workforce Development teams throughout the Commonwealth to ensure that UPMC always has ready access to the SCP team, who will be providing the following services, among others:

  • Instructors to support the delivery of training programs
  • Logistical support for the programs delivered internally by UPMC
  • Strategic guidance on training materials
  • Identification of next steps and areas appropriate for expansion
  • Leadership and guidance related to growth in specific markets
  • Networking and connections in the nonprofit arena in the markets it serves
  • Expertise in curriculum design as requested to support current and future programs


We look forward to being involved in this important work for UPMC and invite you to contact us to learn about how our phased approach to executing workforce development programs like UPMC’s (depicted in the graphic below) can be customized to fit your unique needs. Call us at 717-870-8723, email [email protected] to learn more./br>



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