Dreaming of Diversity?

Jan 15, 2018  | Thought Leadership

At Strategic Consulting Partners, our minds are always thinking of ways to bring a more diverse workforce together.

Diversity and Inclusion

We all know that diversity and inclusion build stronger teams, but do we know how to accomplish a truly diverse workforce? To unlock the benefit of diverse teams, teams must be effectively managed and led.

In order to accomplish a vital and diverse workforce, the following must be true:

  1. Diversity and inclusion must be explicitly linked to and aligned with the strategic mission of the organization.
  2. Diversity and inclusion must be considered a personal leadership skill set for all employees, and the leadership practices must be easy to understand and implement at all levels.
  3. An organization’s success is directly proportional to the levels of inclusion within the organization. Inclusion is the source of higher performance, not just the presence of diversity.
  4. ​Organizations must understand the impact their policies, procedures, and practices have on diversity and inclusion. Analysis is essential for accountability. ​

We would love to assess the diversity and inclusion profile of your organization. Or we could just chat about diversity since it’s one of our favorite topics!

Rebecca Hollenbach, MAMFT, MSOD

Organizational Development Specialist/Management Consultant

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