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Monica Gould has provided an exceptional strategic planning process for the growth of our organization. She has provided integral feedback to our development process.
Darla Henry, Co-Director, Family Design Resources

Strategic Consulting Partners responded to a request for proposals we issued to come to the Republic of Georgia and work with the largest university here on what was essentially a program to train senior management on modern strategic planning and management practices. We were very pleased with the results. Not only was Monica Gould extremely adept at assessing the needs of a non-English speaking university half way around the world, but she constructed a tailor-made program that indeed hit the targets we were looking for. It is obvious that SCP has the professional background and experience to fit any scenario from private business in the developed world, to public institutions in the developing world. Kevin Carew, Country Director, World Learning, Georgia 

Monica has worked with PANO for several years presenting on topics such as Strategic Planning, Effective Leadership Skills, and Succession Planning. She brings energy, experience and expertise to her presentations. In addition to writing a leadership column for Keynotes, PANO’s quarterly publication, Monica currently volunteers as a Standards for Excellence Peer Reviewer and serves as a Standards for Excellence Approved Consultant and Trainer. Monica serves as an extremely valuable volunteer and trainer and it is my pleasure to recommend her. James Eirkson, Director of Education & Community Outreach, Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) 

Monica is one of the most dedicated and passionate professionals that I have worked with. From preparing a proposal to execution of the assignment, Monica remains focused and effective so the client sees results. Her knowledge, experience, and insight make her an asset to any organization. And with her down to earth approach, she can relate to all levels of employees. Monica cares about the success of others and is committed to excellence. Mary Foltz, President, Service Counts! 

Monica is an outstanding and brilliant professional who offers companies the wisdom of her expertise in addition to the dedication to serve her customer beyond compare. Annette Cremo, Ph.D., President/Owner, Performance Plus Training, Consulting and Coaching, LLC 

Whenever any of our fundraising clients wants to develop a strategic plan, or when potential clients phone us to ask if we do strategic planning consulting, I am always confident in recommending Monica. She has never let me down or disappointed me; I am happy to refer business to her. She is always professional and DELIVERS and I am happy to share clients with her. And I'm not one to make a referral lightly! Linda Procopio, Owner, Procopio & Associates Fundraising  

Monica is a passionate and energetic trainer. I have had the pleasure of attending her trainings and working on projects together and you can count on Monica to give 110% to everything she does. Her experience in strategic planning provides excellent value to companies and nonprofit organizations. Gary Dubas, McKonly & Asbury 

Monica taught me more about comprehensive Strategic Planning than anyone did during my 18 years in the nonprofit field. I wish she had been my first "teacher".
Sylvia Hepler, Executive Director, AIDS Planning Coalition of South Central PA

Although the Strategic Planning process created new work for us, Monica helped us renew our energy. We are all working much better together and getting more tasks accomplished in a shorter time frame than we ever imagined.
Becky Mohr, Lancaster Recovery Task Force

Monica’s help in facilitating and creating our Strategic Plan made the process very easy for us! My employees were thrilled to be involved very closely in the process, and came out of the strategy session energized and excited about the direction of the company. The preparation and follow up work that Monica accomplished for us was organized, high quality and followed the specific timeline she set out at the beginning of the process. I am thrilled to have a detailed plan that we are now implementing!
Debra A. Pierson, President, Pierson Consulting Company, Inc.

Glad you were up for the challenge of helping VSAC decipher its priorities over the next five years. I appreciate all of the time you put into doing this on such a short time frame. Your efforts have been a big help to us in moving forward.
BJ Horn, Director, Office of Victims' Services Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

Monica, thank you for your partnership and leadership to PCAR over the past couple of years. Your expert meeting facilitation and focus group services have been integral to our project.
Delihah Rumburg, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

Thanks for leading our strategic planning. You should feel reassured that things went well. I think we accomplished a lot and you did a fine job!
Delilah Rumburg, VSAC Committee Chair, Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

I want to thank you for your leadership in facilitating Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s Strategic Plan. I thought you were very intuitive to the group's needs. You really did a fantastic job balancing such a diverse group of stakeholders. I am very pleased with the outcome and I look forward to sharing the final plan with our staff and board at PA CleanWays.
Shannon A. Reiter, President , PA CleanWays

Monica, thanks for all your hard work and assistance in facilitating our Strategic Planning process. You did a great job. Thanks for helping to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful!
Julia Marano, Executive Director, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful

"Through your strategic guidance you have saved my company over $20,000 in the past year and provided us with a level of expertise that far surpasses our competition."
Jason Verdelli, Director of Sales and Marketing, Burg Blurb

"Monica Gould far exceeded our expectations when she addressed the topic of Effective Board Service with the busy professionals in our 2007/08 Community Leadership Series. Monica utilized the perfect combination of anecdotal, statistical, and experiential components to really drive the content. Monica embodies the professionalism, experience, and personality of a really great trainer!"
Una Martone, President, Leadership Harrisburg Area

“Monica brought a wealth of knowledge to our membership when she shared the art of successful negotiations. Her enthusiasm and expertise combined for an enjoyable and educational event!”
Sheila J. Himes, VP Chamber Operations, Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC

"Monica Gould is a Trainer's Trifecta: an engaging, educational and entertaining speaker. I've witnessed Monica share her business strategies...it was a joy to see the audience's reaction!"
Soni Dimond, Principal: SONI DIMOND MEDIA, SDM

Monica Gould carries an unusual connection in relating to people. She is knowledgeable, interesting and practical. Investments made in Monica’s services are monies well spent.
Joe Geiger, Executive Director, PANO/PASAE

Monica Gould’s presentations have offered the members of the Pennsylvania Tourism & Lodging Association, hands on, usable ideas to improve the performance and teamwork of any department within a lodging property. Her ideas are fresh, innovation and well presented. She is a true professional in her field.
Mark L. Krotulski, Director of Education, PA Tourism & Lodging Association

Monica is a delightfully enthusiastic instructor who conveys that excitement to all her students. You can readily tell that she meticulously prepares her course material and lives for her students to achieve that ‘Aha!’ moment in her class. No one is better suited to be an instructor than Monica Gould.”
Dennis W. Robinson, Director - Capital Region Campus, Duquesne University

I attended Monica Gould’s excellent presentation to Leadership Harrisburg. I learned a lot of useful information and found Monica to be an engaging speaker.
Elisa S. Cohen, PADE, Vice President

We enjoyed Monica Gould’s presentation and learned much. Monica had us dialed in for the next couple days.
Lee Ann Kish, Milestone Hospitality Management

Monica, I want to thank you for your presentation on succession planning at the annual conference for Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union. It always seemed to be one of those topics that didn’t seem quite so important and you have shed the light.
Doreen C. Bruder, Office Manager, IBEW 26 Federal Credit Union

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your training and help at Tbilisi State University. Personally for me, it was very fruitful. Thank you Monica.
Vakhtang Jandieri, Dean of Exact and Natural Sciences, Tbilisi State University, Republic of Georgia

Thanks the great training session on Strategic Planning, it was timely and on the mark! We will be using your SWOT Analysis for years to come.
Linda McGrillies, Manager, Wolters Kluwer

Thank you for a great presentation at the Women’s Network of York lunch. I really enjoyed all of the tips that you had to share. There are so many things that we do on a daily basis that we do not realize. I will be making an effort to correct some of my bad habits.
Patti Wentz, District Manager Arbonne International

Monica Gould did a great job presenting at our quarterly meeting. She was very knowledgeable and made information very interesting.
Amy Palmer, Event Manager, PASAE

“The leadership program taught by Monica Gould was invaluable. I learned some new tricks to enhance my personal productivity. I am working better with my colleagues based on the insight I learned about the pros and cons of my leadership style.”
Jennifer Ross, CIO, Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO)

I have had the opportunity to see Monica lead both a local Agency Board and its staff through a strategic planning process and was impressed in the fact that not only did it produce a multi-year strategic plan, but job duties and metrics to measure its progress. This was truly a valuable process, and done in a way that will result in constant review and refinement, not like a typical plan that rests on a bookshelf until the next iteration.
Stephen Keys, Vice President, Highmark Blue Shield

Monica offered a great presentation on time Management to our members. It was well put together and filled with valuable information. She kept the class interesting by way she interacted with the people in the room. We look forward to having her back again in the very near future!
Linda Dahr, Coordinator, AM Strategies for Business Success Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce

I had the pleasure of hearing Monica speak at a recent networking event. While I had met Monica several times before, I had not heard any of her speeches. Not only was her speech well researched and relevant, but she encouraged (and received) great audience participation. I look forward to hearing her at future events.
Leigh Twiford, Vice President Regional Manager, Susquehanna Banks

On behalf of the Harrisburg Automotive Trade Association, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for agreeing to speak to our group. Your presentation on "Time Management" was both interesting and educational. I, personally, picked up some valuable information that I have been able to implement both professionally and socially.
Tina Kline, Harrisburg Automobile Trade Association

Monica presented an education program at our 2007 Annual Meeting. Because Monica’s program was so well received, and provided timely and important information on succession planning, we are working with her to provide a series of webinars in 2008.
Leigh Philibosian, VP, Marketing, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

"Monica was instrumental in the success of the new database and workflow application which we built for the Antique Auto Club of America in Hershey, PA. She facilitated a complex requirements analysis, as well as managed the project from cradle-to-grave. With her help, the project rolled-out smoothly, on-time, and on-budget."
Dan Lineaweaver, Skyward Thought, Inc.

"Monica was at the forefront of the emerging Innovation initiative at Whirlpool Corporation. She embraced the process and helped earn funds to pilot an exciting in-home cooking/appliance based program which held potential to be a spin off business. Monica combines strong strategic skills, deep analytical capabilities and incredible passion to 'make it happen.' It was a pleasure to be part of the management team which reviewed and approved her proposals." Jeff Cohen, Sr. Vice President, Whirlpool corporation.

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