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Strategic Planning

With Strategic Consulting Partners on your side, your organization will have a solid mission statement, vision statement, internal and external value determination, achievable goals and objectives, strategies for successfully reaching those goals and a timeline for implementation. Your strategic plan will be tailored and include both short term and long term targets and may include the following:

     • A sales and marketing strategy
     • A financial/budgetary alignment assessment
     • An operational assessment
     • A level of service assessment
     • A technology assessment
     • Project Management/Plan Implementation services
     • Organizational development recommendations

If you already have a strategic plan in place that you are struggling to get off the ground, we can help you there too. We will provide a thorough review of your existing plan and provide recommendations on updating, enhancing and implementing your plan.

Business Tips: Ten Key Elements to Strategic Planning and Advertising and Marketing Tips

Our services include :
Strategic Planning
Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Government Contracting
Exit Planning
Public Speaking
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