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Our Philosophy

We are Hands-On in how we approach strategy development.   We observe your current operation, interview key staff members and work with you to understand your business and your agency's goals.

Team Involvement is the key to a successful plan implementation.   We believe that your key staff members should be involved in plan evaluation and implementation strategies.

Customized Assessments and Plans assure you that the goals you have developed are attainable and feasible for your Company, Industry and Marketplace.   We believe that each and every company is unique and should be evaluated accordingly.   We thoroughly research not only your Company or agency but your Competitors, the Industry and the Marketplace.

Realistic Tactical Strategies is a critical element to strategy implementation.   Breaking down larger goals into more manageable steps will help your team see their part in the "Big Picture". By creating manageable tasks within realistic timeframes, your Company will be one step further to successfully achieving its goals.

Integrated Performance Management and Department Goals to your Company's or Agency's goals will ensure that your staff will be motivated and accountable for goal achievement.

Implementation Assistance is always available.   After the plan is developed, we are available for advice and/or to provide on-site implementation assistance in key operational areas.

Our services include :
Strategic Planning
Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Government Contracting
Exit Planning
Public Speaking
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