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Organizational Development Tips

1. Effective Communication. All organizations should have an ongoing Communication
    Strategy that includes but not limited to:

     • Timely Staff Communication of changes or initiatives that affect employees
     • Inclusionary Communication that provides all staff members with similar and
        consistent messaging
     • Feedback Channel whereby staff members can openly provide feedback to management
        about strategies
     • Consistent Communication of changes to initiatives in a systematic way

2. Dealing with Change. In order for organizations to survive they must change. However,
    employees are often resistant to change. To help employees through change, management

3. Acknowledge the Impact of the Change – understanding that change within the
    organization can equate to fear and loss for an individual is a reality. Ignoring this impact
    will shut down employees from accepting and engaging in change activities.

4. Listen to Concerns and Fears – once you have acknowledged the loss and/or impact, allow
    the individual to communicate concerns and fears openly without reprisal.

5. Respect the Past – allow individuals to reminisce about the past without denigrating it.
    When appropriate, allow team members to take a piece of the past with them.

6. Communicate – communicate throughout the change process, be sure to communicate even
    over-communicate what is happening within the organization. Team members often fear the
    unknown; if you define the future and the vision, the change will not be as intimidating.

7. Include – the more you include your team in changes that affect them, the more loyalty
    your staff will have.  Allow them to provide input in the specific areas that affect them and
    assign them a role in the change.

8. Empower– when you assign roles to individuals you are essentially holding them
    accountable for those roles and tasks.  When holding someone accountable, empower them
    to conduct the tasks.

9. Reward – provide frequent rewards for tasks completed. These rewards can range from
    simple a “thank you” to bonuses, raises and promotions.

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