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Leadership Development

Effective leadership is the most important aspect of what an organization needs to drive success. Leaders are the ones who inspire, motivate, increase productivity, provide vision, and help to develop strategies for organizational effectiveness. SCP provides leadership development services that will ensure your leaders are successful.

Leadership Development is more than just training.  It is a process that begins with assessing the leaders core strengths and competencies. It is important to then provide skill development that is reinforced by coaching and mentoring.

SCP creates custom made programs that are interactive and engaging. We can guarantee improvement in your leaders current and future performance. Our programs will help to improve communication in order to set the right goals and visions of your organization.



360- Assessment:
SCP recommends that your organization perform a 360 Assessment. A 360-degree assessment is a method of systematically gathering opinions about an each individual employee’s performance from their coworkers. This could include direct reports, peers, high-level managers, as well as people outside the organization, such as customers. The advantage of collecting this data is that the employee is provided a panorama of observations rather than just self-perception, giving a more complete picture of their performance.

Training & Skill Development:
Strategic Consulting Partners is known for its “Leadership Series”. This series includes 6 - 8 sessions tailored to the organization’s specific needs related to management and leading. These courses are designed to be taught in modular format. Each module is comprised of assessment tools, case studies and interactive exercises that address the following topics. Each module can be taught as a separate training class.

Our program includes the following topic areas but can be adapted based upon your organizations needs:
1.    Effective Leadership Communication
2.    Motivating Employees
3.    Effective Delegation and Empowerment Skills
4.    Effective Interviewing Skills
5.    Performance Management for Supervisors and Managers
6.    Coaching and Mentoring Employees
7.    Leading through Change & Managing Change
8.    Problem Solving and Decision Making
9.    Strategic Thinking and Effective Goal Setting
10.  Dealing with Conflict and Managing Difficult People
11.  Time Management CPR
12.  Innovation
13.  Discover Your Strengths
14.  The Speed of Trust
*Other Customized Programs can be provided, included but not limited to Our Training Programs.

Coaching & Mentoring
We have a team of coaches that can provide customized coaching solutions. We can work with your leaders to develop an internal mentoring program.

Our services include :
Strategic Planning
Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Government Contracting
Exit Planning
Public Speaking
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