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Strategic Consulting Partners

A strategic plan is only as good as the implementation that follows. Is your strategic plan sitting on a shelf somewhere? Do you even have one? Do you have the right people in place to move your organization forward?

At Strategic Consulting Partners we will help your organization develop a strategic plan that emphasizes the critical importance of effective execution and the significance of leadership development and employee training. We will work with you to establish objectives and strategies for both short term and long term growth.

Your strategy will include a practical approach to achieving your goals and objectives and will incorporate clearly defined tactics. Your strategy will be integrated into your operations and your progress will become your primary focus.


SCP’s training and leadership development will ensure your organization’s sustained growth. In addition, our operational and organizational assessments will give you a clear understanding of what it will take to move your organization to the next level of success.

A disciplined and inclusive approach allows us to complete a comprehensive assessment of your current needs and tailor the process and the plan to suit your purpose. Once complete, our expert project management and plan implementation services can help your organization achieve your goals and objectives.

Our Philosophy

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Our services include :
Strategic Planning
Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Government Contracting
Exit Planning
Public Speaking
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